TRUCKINGBY Rock The Eastern Block With 3 Days Grace

17th July 2017

Canadian rock band 3 Days Grace embarked on a whistle stop tour of the old eastern block in June & July of this year, with gigs in the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia (Moscow & St Petersburg), Czech Republic, Poland & Belarus.  The shows were over a 15 day period and involved TRUCKINGBY planning double drives and driver changes to get the tour done to the bands tight schedule, with some distances between venues of over 2000 miles crossing borders and drivers having to carry out complex customs formalities.

Glenn Savage, Event Logistics Director of TRUCKINGBY said, 'The tour with 3 Days Grace has been interesting to say the least, planning multiple drivers to cover large distances over night with the experience to transit difficult border crossings.  Our strength is our team work and the commitment of our drivers to get the job done even when the odds were stacked against them.'