TRUCKINGBY Strikes Two Year Deal With Crossroads Pantomimes!

27th March 2023

Following a very successful 2022 panto season, we are extremely pleased to announce that TRUCKINGBY have shaken hands on a two year deal with Crossroads Pantomimes to supply trucking services for their pantomime sets, LX, along with their wardrobe deliveries to and from the rehearsal studios.

Rory King of Crossroads Pantomimes says “I used TBY on 70% of the pantomimes last season. The kit, drivers and overall management of the project was first class.

It was a natural progression, with the service levels and value, for me to move the balance of the core product to TBY.’’

Rory King visited TBY HQ today to start the planning process for the 2023 season.