TRUCKINGBY Supply The Perfect Trucking Solution For Brydon, Mac & Mitchells 'town To Town' Tour

21st October 2019

When a client says they only need a 7.5 ton truck, but they want 32ft of floor space on the truck for the set, what do you do?? Call us!! here at TRUCKINGBY, that's just what we were asked by the production of Brydon, Mac & Mitchell's UK Tour 'Town to Town'.

Our 7.5 ton tour truck with a small tour bus trailer behind it gives production 32 feet of floor space, and a carrying capacity of 2000 kilos on the truck and 2000 kilos on the trailer, giving a total of 4000 kilos overall carrying capacity.

The truck did a perfect job and everyone thought this little 7.5 tonner & trailer was a real game changer!!